We already have a Mobile Website, why should we consider a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps give you a proactive approach to communicate with the wider school community by using native smartphone features such as the camera, GPS and Push Notifications.

Will the app work on my iPad?

Absolutely! All our apps operate on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

What do you need to start creating our app?

Any existing Logos and brand guidelines in high-res format and a selection of photos for the home screen and gallery. Most other items can usually be obtained from your website.

Do I need to provide access to our existing website?

If we are performing direct integrations then we will need some form of access which depends upon the format of your website

Who will get our Push Notifications?

These are broadcast to all users who have downloaded your app whether it is open or not!

Will you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?

Your idea is confidential to all Mobile App FX staff and management and will not be shown to anyone else.  As we see lots of ideas in similar spaces we won’t sign an NDA.

How can I update our new mobile app?

All our apps come with their own cloud-based management portal. Here you can update content, send & schedule Push Notifications and view app analytics.

What is included in the ongoing fees?

The ongoing fees includes a license to use our software, the ability to send unlimited Push Notifications, secure data hosting and help when you get stuck!

How do I pay my account?

We will invoice you for any payments due. Payments can be made via internet banking or credit card.

We always appreciate invoices which are paid by the due date as this allows us to foresee our cashflow and ensures our team can continue to come up with new ideas to help your business grow

Do you offer ongoing support?

Absolutely, we need to be sure you are getting the most out of your app and have the knowledge to manage it.

Where is Mobile App FX based?

We are located in Auckland, New Zealand!

Is our data secure?

All data is transferred using secure and up-to-date protocols

Do you build Games?

Yes, our team of developers are experts and we will work with you to develop and even monetise your gaming ideas.

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